World languages open for eighth graders

Next school year, all foreign languages will be available for students to take during their eighth grade years.

Cedar Falls Schools Superintendent, Andy Pattee, said, “This is an idea that has been discussed for several years. We have had a committee review options for world language expansion, and this is a continuation of an exploratory class that started this year in eighth grade (cultures class) that will now be in seventh grade.”

The idea still remains that the first level of world languages courses will be offered to students regardless of when they decide to take it, meaning they do not have to start their eighth grade year.

This opens up the possibility of taking different electives if students do not wish to take five years of a foreign language.

Pattee said that the idea to offer these classes next year was a committee discussion process after they had visited other school districts to take a look at other options.

“We are not sure how many will take advantage of this as an option. We will review next year once we know the interest from students,” Pattee said.

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