Clearly Better: Follow these five tips for healthier skin

Quite often, people greet me with a friendly, “Your skin looks so clear!” Fortunately, I’ve been blessed with an acne-free face. This is because I follow a daily routine in which my skin is my biggest priority. Here are five tips on how to clear up your skin, leaving your face feeling fresh and smooth.

Never wear makeup to bed. 

I know, it can be annoying to take off any makeup from the day, if you choose to wear any. The best way to make sure makeup is taken off is to keep cleansing wipes beside your bed, prompting you to use one whenever necessary.

Wash your face both before and after a workout

You’ve always heard, “wash your face after you work out,” but did you know that washing your face beforehand is just as important? Working out with bacteria on your face causes your pores to absorb all of the bad stuff, so it is important to make sure your face is squeaky clean to begin with.

Wear sunscreen every day. 

Not only will wearing sunscreen lessen your chances of getting skin cancer, but it also prevents dark circles and wrinkles on your face. The sun is very damaging to humans, so using any type of SPF will benefit your skin.

Change pillowcases once a week

When sleeping, oil from your hair tends to get on your pillow, meaning your face rubs against the oils when you sleep. Changing your pillowcases frequently will reduce the amount of oils spread to your face.

Drink water. 

Surprisingly enough, hydration is key. When dehydrated, your body will actually produce more oils than normal, causing acne. The best way to combat this is to simply drink water every day.

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