Students making personal sacrifices in 40-day recognition of Lent

On March 1, Christians around the world started the 40-day-long period of repentance called Lent. This is celebrated every year to acknowledge the suffering and death of Jesus Christ. Lent stems from the gospel of Matthew, in which Jesus fasted for 40 days in the Judaean desert, often tempted by Satan. For Christians today, the fasting period is celebrated mostly due to tradition, but some feel as though their faith is strengthened during the time of fasting.

Junior Michael Kies partakes in the period of fasting every year. “I usually give up chocolate just because I really like it, and it’s hard to give up. I think I mainly just do it out of tradition, but I feel like it also helps remind you of your faith. Whenever I want chocolate badly, I remember why I can’t have it, and the spiritual meaning behind it.” Senior Allison Eagen uses Lent as a way to try something new. “This year I’m giving up eating gluten. I’ve wanted to try and give it up for a while, and what better time than when I can also practice my faith. I think Lent is a good time for anyone to try to give up something they’ve wanted to.”

Similarly, senior Elizabeth Relph is using the time of Lent to try to dump a habit. “I’m trying to spend less time on my phone for Lent this year. I noticed how big of a distraction my phone is, and how it can make it harder to focus. Lent is the time to sacrifice something, and I feel like staying off my phone less will be really tough.”

With social media being such an easy form of communication, Christians all around the world are sharing what they’re giving up for lent on Twitter. These were then tallied and the number one thing people are giving up is alcohol. In second place, ironically, is social networking, and in third place is chocolate.

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