2017 music charts serves up some tempting grooves

2017 has started out as a great year for many artists. For singers giving their fans another album for their enjoyment and for singers making their comeback in music, both have taken it by storm. As new music is made and released every day, here are a few suggestions of whose albums or singles you should listen to.

“Divide”- Ed Sheeran

Without releasing any music in 2016, Ed Sheeran made his comeback with the debut of his new album “Divide” in March. The album contains many personal relations to Sheeran and his life, paying homage to his childhood in the town where he grew up and to his grandmother. One of the most popular songs on the album is “Shape of You” and is at the top of the charts. A song to recommend from this album: “Perfect,” which is just one of the best on this album.

“Sign of the Times”- Harry Styles

With his band on a hiatus and his acting for his role in the movie “Dunkirk” finished, Styles has followed the same path many of his other band members have followed and released music of his own. His single “Sign of the Times” came out just last week, and although it is fairly different from the music that his band makes, it’s just as good. It features some rock and roll influences, and showcases Styles’ vocals.

“Crowded Places”- Banks

Following her other album released in 2016, Banks releases her single “Crowded Places.” It’s not as upbeat as other songs, but it does indeed still have that nice, chill vibe that’s good for when you just want to relax. The song allows listeners to see into a personal level of Banks, which are her fears and her relationships.

“Melodrama”- Lorde

Although her album hasn’t quite been released yet, one is soon to come, and with the two songs being great already, you can only expect the rest of the album to be just as good. And, of course, it would have to be amazing, since Lorde hasn’t come out with an album of her own since 2013. Two songs from her new album “Melodrama” have been released, including her song “Green Light” making the top 100, but besides that, her other song “Liability” is a song that is just as great.

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