Make time for spring cleaning

Here are some tips and ideas to help get you on your way to a cleaner, more organized house this season.

1. Clean out your junk drawer

Everyone has a junk drawer. Now is the perfect time to finally go through it, throw away everything you don’t need and organize the things you want to keep. You can buy boxes and trays that you can put in the drawer to hold everything and keep things neat from stores like Target or Walmart.

2. Dust

Banish the dust bunnies. Find a cute feather duster at your local thrift shop to make dusting fun. Or, if you’re trying to get rid of old T-shirts or socks, here’s the perfect opportunity to do it.

3. Clean your closet

If your closet is already clean, then you’re one step ahead. Evaluate your wardrobe and donate the things that don’t fit or you don’t wear.

4. Clean your linens.

Wash all of your linens (like your sheets, towels, even your curtains), and hang them up to dry outside on a nice day. This will help your sheets smell fresh.

5. Clean your mudroom or hallway.

Wherever you store your backpacks, coats and shoes can get dirty very easily. Organize and sort everything you will be using in the warmer months and store the things you won’t. You can also go the extra mile and mop that room or hallway.

6. Clean your washer.

You can use white vinegar and baking soda to clean your washer and dryer. Pour in four cups of vinegar or bleach and set your washer to the longest wash, highest load size and hottest water setting. After the cycle is done, start another cycle – this time using one cup of baking soda. This will make your washer smell fresher, and soon your clothes will too.

7.  Store your winter clothes away

Make room in your closet by putting your winter clothes away for the next couple of seasons. Fold your clothes up and put them in a plastic bin and store them in the back of your closet or somewhere where it won’t be in the way. By doing this, you can use the newly emptied hangers that for your spring and summer wardrobe and feel like you have a bigger, cleaner closet.

8. Wipe down windows and mirrors

Wipe your windows and mirrors with glass cleaner. Doing this will give you the perfect opportunity to see the beauty of spring from your own bedroom window.

9. Organize your pantry

Sometimes pantries can get cluttered. Throw away all of the expired food, and if you’re feeling up to it, throw out the junk food as well.

10. Cash in your change jar

While cleaning, you can tend to find lots of spare change. Put the change in a jar and cash it in. Reward yourself for all of your hard work cleaning.

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