Senior Social

All photos by Vanessa Kime

On Sunday, April 2, 13 senior students dressed in complete prom attire from full gowns to bow ties and traveled to Bickford Cottages, a local nursing home. The students spent the time dancing, eating and socializing with the senior citizens.

Summer Pieters described the experience as very enjoyable. “It was so fun because we just got to dance and talk to the sweetest people on earth. I really enjoyed listening to some of their stories and making them smile with my dance moves.”

Tyler Campbell focused on trying to make as many seniors happy as possible. “I know that living in a nursing home like that can be very difficult for people. I just wanted everyone to have a good time and make as many people as I could smile or laugh.”

Adding to Campbells’ point, Allison Eagan commented on how nursing homes have been subject to criticism over the years. “I’ve read in the news about some of the things going wrong in nursing homes today. It makes me sad because these are some of the sweetest people ever. I like that Cedar Falls is actively trying to brighten these seniors’ day.”

Sophie Poe described the night as light hearted. “A lot of the seniors dressed up in fancy clothes and fun outfits. There was live music, which was very fun to dance to. Overall, it was a very fun thing to be a part of.”

All 13 students want to encourage everyone to take trips to nursing homes. Either to share talents, or even just to talk. It means the world for senior citizens to have someone interact with them.

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