Soundly Shared: Senior using Soundcloud to offer creations

Beginning at a young age, senior Josh Post has taken advantage of social media through uploading original songs both written and produced by him to showcase his passion.

Post said, “My mom played guitar in our church band when I was very young, so we always had a guitar sitting around the house. I eventually wanted to learn to play guitar when I was about 8 years old and gradually learned to play guitar and piano. Learning the instruments made me want to record myself playing music to try to sound like something you would hear on the radio. I am positive that there are YouTube videos of terrible recordings I did when I was 10.”

Using the audio platform SoundCloud, Post plans to continue sharing original songs all ranging in genre.

Post said, “I really haven’t decided, I like music across all genres. I am a fan of hip-hop, rock, R&B and country. I noticed that current country includes aspects of many genres. I grew up listening to country music and spending time outdoors, so it’s the music that I relate to the most.”

In addition to singing a variety of genres, Post prefers creating original, hand-written pieces over covering published songs.

“Sometimes, a great idea will hit me; maybe it came from a conversation or experience I had recently. I come up with a fresh way to describe what happened through writing lyrics. Other times, I have to make a very conscious effort to grind out a song, which can be a very long process. However, for the few rap songs I wrote, I never wrote anything down, I just kept recording lines that popped in my head until I thought it was acceptable.”

Though Post is just beginning his new writing and songs production, he will continue to pursue his passion for leisure and for a potential job.

“I hope to continue to write and create songs that people can have fun listening to, and sell songs that I can make a chunk of money from. It is something that I really love to do, and if I can get paid doing it, that makes it even better.”

Check out Post’s music at SoundCloud, with username: postjoshua98

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