‘DragonFable’ offers world for fans of RPGs to explore

“DragonFable” is an interesting game, to say the least. It has no direct plot, and it’s very open world. At the same time, however, the branched stories are the only way to enjoy the game. It is difficult to explain, but hopefully this article will do its job.

At the start of the game, you first chose a class. You can chose between being a mage, a rough or a warrior. After this, you’re forced along a single path. Sure, you can do some side quests, but nothing much to do.

However, once you reach the main town in the game, the game is more or less yours, and there is one required quest line, but it doesn’t take long, in all honesty. The game does require you to be running around a lot, and while this might not seem like an issue, you don’t move with the arrow keys. You move by clicking. More on this in a bit.

The storyline that is required, in a simple sense, is you have to protect this black dragon box. It gets stolen, and when you get it back, it’s empty except for a dragon egg, which you then hatch. This is more or less what happens, with a bit more details in the game.

One prop that I must give this game is it breaks the fourth wall, perfectly. There is a good way and a bad way to break the fourth wall, and this game does it the good way. This game does break the fourth wall, a lot. It happends suddenly sometimes, but other times it’ll do it pretty obviously.

As for the gameplay and graphics, they’re the best they could be for a web RPG. My main complaint is having to click to move. It gets annoying very fast. However, this is a small compliant overall. With its great storyline, nice humor and decent gameplay, this game is fun to play any time.

Another complaint is, it will only save if you beat a quest 100 percent, so you can’t part beat a quest and then turn off. Along with this, a lot of things require the membership of the game.

However, if you put aside all its errors, this game has great humor, nice gameplay and, believe it or not, a nice difficulty level.

Overall, this is not a game to invest hours into, like some RPGs require. However, if you play a little while and you’re hooked, more power to you.

The game is friendly and does not require the dragon amulet, this game’s form of paid membership, to do the main storylines. This game has the starting storyline, and then you can do the first “book” in any order you want.

To avoid major spoilers, this will be all I’m going to say. DragonFable has a nice difficulty level, amazing characters, nice graphics and is overall a nice game to play. Not a game you should put money into just to put money into, as there’s lots of free content; however, if you want to, there’s nothing stopping you.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you’re playing for the fights, just click through text. However, if you wish to play for story, read the dialogue word for word, as some of it is very good.

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