‘It’ promises more than just scares

Gasps and screams echoed from the frightened audience in the packed movie theater on the opening weekend of “It,” but the audience was more than just scared. It are engaged in the characters and world the film created as well, laughing and groaning as they watched the group of kids on they’re terrifying adventure.

Where other horror films deliver on scares, “It” delivers on much more, giving the film a likeable and believable group of young characters to latch onto.

The movie, based on the Stephen King novel of the same name, chronicles the adventures of a group of kids being terrorized by the evil clown called Pennywise. The vibe of the film is very similar in nature to Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” a nostalgic ’80s mood combined with middle school kids living in a small town. The setting, in combination with great acting and writing, makes “It” something truly compelling and unique to other horror movies previously released.

Undoubtedly “It” will will have the audience members squirming in their seats with fear at Pennywise the clown with his orange eyes glowing and evil red smile.

The movie will pull heartstrings just as much. Each of the seven children who the movie focuses on face real adversity and are relatable to some part of the audience. Everyone who sees this movie will become attached or relate to one of the likable young characters forced to face not only the clown haunting them, but also their own issues, whether it be personal or family.

“It” looks like it will be one of the best, if not the best horror movies of the year. There are moments that will cater to any moviegoer, whether someone is looking for scares, excitement or laughs, “It” delivers. This movie does all that it needs to in order to kick the Halloween season off.

“It” is in theaters now.

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