Our View: Students, staff must stand together to fight cyberbullying

Last week, Cedar Falls High School lost a member of the community due to suicide. Chase Sanders, a senior, was cyberbullied according to the Cedar Falls Police Department.

More than ever, as a school and as a community, we need to stick together. Beyond the computer and cell phone screens, we are humans. Cyber bullying has always been a widely talked about topic in schools, but what are we supposed to do if we witness it?

Some things to consider:

-Don’t jump to conclusions: Social media only shows part of a big story. People often do not show their true selves and use it as a facade.

-Let the professionals figure it out: Whether it be a teacher or a counselor, professionals are there to help no matter what is going on. Don’t be scared to ask for help or share your feelings.  At any time you can always call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

-High school doesn’t last forever: High school can be difficult, but we can all get through this.

According to the Cedar Falls School’s Cyber Bullying Policy, “In order for bullying to cease, it must be combated on all fronts. Parents, children, teens and teachers need to work together to rid their schools and communities of bullying attacks.”

In other words, we all need to step up and call out bullying when we see it. If we have learned nothing from Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why,” it is that we should not remain silent when we see people treated inhumanely.

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