Pokemon still better than all imitators

When something is popular enough, copycat games are made, and “Pokemon” is no exception to this rule. “Pokemon” is currently running on 20 years and shows no signs of slowing down, and there are tons of game that are considered rip-offs of “Pokemon,” trying to steal it’s fame. There are two that stand out hugely.

The first of which is “Digimon.” If you grew up around 1997, then you know “Digimon.” It’s a bit hard to explain the show, which is the only reference for a good source, but to explain it simply, five kids are sent to the digital world and given these monsters. They fight the evil digimon by digivolving their digimon to make them stronger.

Each season gives “Digimon” it’s own thing. People consider this a “Pokemon” rip-off simply because the people use their monsters to fight other monsters, but like in “Pokemon.” It’s an ongoing never ending war, until one of the series dies and is forgotten.

The next series that is considered a “Pokemon” rip-off is “Yo-kai” watch. This one is a HUGE stretch, but there is some evidence.

For info on Yo-kai watch refer to last week’s edition. In a simple quick sense, a boy gets a watch that lets him see mysterious beings known as Yo-kai, which cause humans disasters. He fights these with his Yo-kai and befriends them.

The resemblance is obvious but can not hold true if you’ve played both games. If you have the patience in “Pokemon,” you can’t fail to capture a Pokemon. In “Yo-kai Watch,” NOTHING is guaranteed , at all. You could do everything possible to get a yo-kai as your friend and still fail. Failure will happen a lot in “Yo-kai Watch;” it does not hold your hand. This makes it different from “Pokemon” because “Pokemon” does hold your hand a lot.

“Pokemon” is huge, so, as stated, there will be rip-offs. These are only two, but there are tons out there, some made by companies that want the fame “Pokemon” has, some that just don’t even want to rip-off, but do it on accident.

Overall, if you’re a true fan of the series, whether it be one of the rip-offs or “Pokemon,” stay true to the series that you love, and don’t let the hate change your mind of the series.

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