Welcome Jungle: 14 candidates announced in annual homecoming assembly

What jungle animal would you be?

I would be a cheetah because every cheetah has unique spots just like I have a unique personality.

–Abby Hendrickson

I would be a giant mystical parrot because I like to draw attention to myself, and giant mystical parrots have amazing abilities such as I.

–William Burken 

If would be a panther because I’m cunning and quick.

–Grace Burken

I would be a chameleon because I can easily adapt to many situations, but sometimes you can’t find me because I’m shy and am probably reading.

–Cynthia Wolf

I’m a poisonous dart frog because I’m beautiful, and you don’t want to mess with me.

— Colin Klatt

I would be a butterfly because I can’t stay in one place for too long.

–Katerinne Turcotte

I would want to be an elephant because they are just so cute and basically run the jungle because they are so large.

–Sydney Brustkern

I would be a chameleon because they look cool, and they kind of just mind their own business. They don’t disturb other animals. I feel like chameleons are really wise too. They observe a lot and they don’t get caught because of their camouflage.

–Meron Abebe

I would be a gecko because I would want to sell insurance to all the other animals.

–Clint Boevers

I’d definitely would want to be a sloth because all they do is sleep and eat. Plus, they’re adorable but feisty when need be.

–Joel Ochoa

I would be an otter. I know they don’t live in the jungle, but they look really beautiful when they swim, and they hold hands with other otters when they sleep, and I love that.

-Clare Rolinger

I would want to be a monkey. They are so agile, and I think it would be really cool to swing from tree to tree.

-Lucas Gillett

I would be a monkey because I could just swing around and hang out in the trees all day.

-Rhett Smeins

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