Nintendo stands on foundation of three beloved games

Nintendo is a strong company, but even it has some weak points. It releases a lot of game, but it relies on three game series the most: The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and Mario. If each of these pillars was removed, how would it affect Nintendo?

The first pillar that is the weakest is Pokemon. While Pokemon is a great series and was one Nintendo’s series, people are getting bored of the games, and they haven’t roped in as many good reviews. “Sun and Moon,” along with their sequels, “Ultra Sun” and “Ultra Moon” were good, but if you played on the 3ds and not the new 3ds, your game would lag. This annoyed a lot of people.

Along with this, the games were dull story-wise and too easy difficulty-wise.

With these two factors combined, unless the Switch Pokemon game saves the series, Pokemon may die soon. If this occurs, Nintendo will have to scurry to replace that pillar with a just as strong title. If they don’t, their company will be held by their two popular games, and lots of small games.

Next is Legend of Zelda. With more DLC being recently released for “Breath of the Wild,” this series is far from dying. It had it’s ups and downs, but, overall, it’s been a good series.

There are some games fan don’t speak of because they’re so bad, but there are also iconic games that won’t be forgotten.

If the Legend Of Zelda Series ever fell, then Nintendo would suffer a great loss from which it would most likely be unable to recover; Pokemon and Mario would be Nintendo’s only hope to keep going.

Finally, there’s Super Mario. Originally released as an arcade game back in 1985, since then, the fat plumber has become the most iconic Nintendo character. Show his picture to everyone, and there is a very high chance they’ll know who he is. “Super Mario Odyssey” has helped fuel the fire that is Mario and only helped his life span continue. If this series were to fall, Nintendo would suffer too great a loss to recover from. With their most iconic character and series gone, they would be forced to not make games until they recovered.

These are all if’s. There is no hint at any of these series dying. Some of them have gone down in popularity, but as the saying goes, “You can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”

Overall, Nintendo is strong and will remain strong as long as it’s fans remain loyal to them.

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