Even with no local rink, rollerskating offers excellent opportunity of fun, fitness

Roller skating is a fun and somewhat tricky sport for some, but roller skating for even an hour a week could result in some amazing health benefits.

Roller skating has the same motions and uses the same muscles when running and/or dancing. Skating gives you a fluid motion that doesn’t damage your joints like they would if you were running.

Research conducted at the Universitat Konstanz states, “Moderate roller skating will increase the skater’s heartbeat to 140-160 beats per minute. Pick up the pace, and you’ll likely top 180 beats per minute. This activity strengthens the heart muscle in order to improve blood circulation.”

Roller skating provides a full aerobic workout and involves all of your muscles, the heart especially. Skating can improve your balance, which can in turn reduce fatigue and stress.

This exercise is not only easy on the joints, but it can also help you lose weight and get in shape. Just like any other sport, roller skating is a good way to get in shape and stay in shape. You just have to find a place to exercise at.

Sadly there are no roller skating rinks that are close to Cedar Falls, but there are some in New Hampton, Decorah, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines and Mason City, if you are up for the drive, but luckily there are other ways you can skate without going for a long drive.

For instance, if you have an unfinished basement, you can easily sweep the floor and make your own roller skating rink.

Of course, when it warms up, you could go outside on a school blacktop or a smooth sidewalk.

There are plenty of ways you can enjoy roller skating.

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