Swim team notches win before Marcussen Invite

The men’s swim team notched a big triumph on Tuesday night, Dec. 5 on the road as they took on Waterloo in a dual meet.

The team crushed the Wahawks in a 125 to 44 victory, giving the Tigers high hopes going forward.

Among those to shine was varsity swimmer Sam Reinart who swam the 100 butterfly, 100 breaststroke, the 200 freestyle relay and the 400 freestyle relay. Sam blew away all of the competition from the opposition, so he focused on his own teammates to race against.

¨Our swim team is much better than it has been in years past, so my greatest opposition was my own teammates. I raced against my friend Jared Mattson in both my individual races,” Reinart said.

In addition to competition, Reinart had his own goal for development over the season. “My goal for the meet was to drop time in all my events. The 100 breaststroke is my off event, so time drops in those events are good signs for me. Overall, I think I did pretty good. I won both my individual events and dropped 4 seconds in the 100 breaststroke.”

Not just Reinart, but the team as a whole came out very well on Tuesday, winning by a large margin, placing first in almost every event. Many other swimmers dropped times.

Looking forward, Reinart had things he knew he could improve on. “As far as challenges, after the meet, the official talked to me about my butterfly technique because I was almost disqualified. I have a few things to clean up before the end of the season, but I think I am in a good spot right now, and the team as well,” Reinart said.

The team is next in action this Saturday as it hosts the Marcussen Invite at 11:30 in the Holmes Junior High pool.

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