Danganronpa series ends with surpising twist

The Danganronpa series is a very unique series. It involves a group of 16 students being trapped within a certain property and forced to enter the killing game. The killing is basically as follows: Someone kills a fellow student, and three people find the body, so the investigation starts.

After a certain amount of time, the trial starts. In the trial you try to find the “blackend,” the person who killed the now dead student. If you find this person, he or she is excused and life moves on; however, if you don’t, everyone except the blackened is killed, and the blackened is allowed to leave.

Both games take this game on in a different way, but both games are amazing.

In the first game, the students enter Hope’s Peak, the best school in this game’s world, and expect a normal school year. They get anything but that once Monokuma appears and announces the killing game has begun.

Before each killing happens, Monokuma gives the students a motive. In the first game, it’s pretty simple things. Things like he’ll reveal their secrets to the world, money, simple things like that.

While the students don’t think these things will trigger a killing, they always do. The students keep swearing to not kill, but someone always kills. The killing game continues until the kids finally corner the mastermind, the one who trapped them and started the killing games.

With the one who started everything corned, the lives of several of their friends burning in their souls to avenge, victory seems like it may come. However, despair rules over Hope’s Peak. Will the kids’ hope shine brighter, or will despair swallow them all?

In the second game, it’s a similar premence, but it’s on an island. It’s still 16 students; however, this game starts out in a special way.

It starts out with the kids told they can leave once they all become amazing friends. This is almost instantly overruled by the killing game, but hope still burns within everyone.

The motives in this game are a tad more hard to understand, but are still nothing to fuel killing, or at least it seems to the naked eye.

The thing with these games is, you get extremely connected to character, but you can’t. What I mean by this is that the more connected to a character, the more likely he or she is to die.

The excursions in these games are gruesome and nothing to scoff at. One final thing is, these games are all about the hope hidden within despair, but they also act as amazing mystery games.

The game holds your hand a little, but not as much as other games. It’s amazing series, and each killer and victim is sure to surprise you.

This is because these games love to make you think the killer is one person, and they really push to make you think they way they want you to. However, almost always, the killer is someone not even on your radar.

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