No translation needed for discovering global tunes

From Asia to Africa, Australia to the Americas, global grooves abound

Jacuzzi Boys- Miami, Florida 

Notable Song: “Double Vision”

While the Jacuzzi Boys hail from the United State’s own Miami, the band has built itself a solid reputation from a city not known for garage rock roots, and there is a beachy note to many of their songs. Meaty drums and textured guitar riffs are common on Jacuzzi Boys’ records, and their signature style is akin to suave rebellion.

Julia Jacklin- Sydney, Australia

Notable Song: “Pool Party”

Singer/Songwriter Julia Jacklin’s songs are witty and nostalgic, blending a mix of indie, rock and folk. Her voice is her primary instrument, and her songs are not muddled with heavy instruments besides the cool hum of her electric guitar.

Sunset Rollercoaster- Taipei, Taiwan

Notable song: “My Jinji”

Taiwanese band Sunset Rollercoaster combines psychedelic rock and synth pop to create a whimsical rock sound. Sunset Rollercoaster produces a distinctly unique sound through American garage rock and soul influences combined with the budding style of Asian indie rock.

Alvvays- Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Notable song: “Archie, Marry Me”

Alvvays (pronounces “always”) is an indie-rock group with youthful grunge and nostalgic vibes. Singer Molly Rankin’s clever lyrics make every song a story when paired with the band’s familiar raw guitars and drums.

Sol Gems- Johannesburg, South Africa

Notable Song: “Standing With the Sun”

South African trio Sol Gems floats within the same circle as Tame Impala, with retro influences emerging in a neo-psychedelic sound. Groovy bass lines and unbelievably catchy guitar riffs are present in many of their songs, as well as clear, mellow vocals.

Los Nastys- Madrid, Spain 

Notable Song: “Castigas en el Granero”

While not new to the Spanish garage rock scene, lo-fi veterans Los Nastys have songs that are timeless. Their sound can be described as youthful, jagged, explosive and exciting, and Los Nastys are almost like a modern, Spanish counterpart to The Clash.

Bomba Estereo- Bogotá, Colombia 

Notable Song: “Soy Yo”

While this band leans more toward electronic music, there are clear folk and rock influences. Bomba Estereo’s blend of confident lyrics and electronic groove  is a sure hit for any fan of rock or dance.

Urban Cone- Stockholm, Sweden

Notable Song: “New York”

Indie-pop band Urban Cone has clear influences in European electro-pop. Their music is bright, and funky melodies are often paired with an electric beat and drums that will make you want to dance.

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