Our View: Join student senate in campus clean up

Have you ever noticed the garbage lining the streets leading up to our school? Maybe you have glanced at a McDonalds bag blowing in the wind or a smashed Four Queens cup alongside the storm drain. Most of us don’t even hesitate to walk by, leaving the trash in its place.

It is time to change the look of our campus and change this mindset. On Sunday, April 29, at 1 p.m.,  you can join student senate in a campus clean up.

It may not seem like a few items of trash lying on the ground would make that big of difference, but cleaning up not only makes the campus look better, it make you feel better.

Picking up our campus gives back to those who work so hard to keep it nice every day. It benefits the animals and the community members that live near the school along with the students who many not particularly enjoy looking at trash.

If picking up garbage isn’t enticing enough for you, there will be detention makeups given to those who participate.

Spending just an hour of your time will make a difference, so get on your old clothes and come join the members of your school to make Cedar Falls High School a better place for all.

No place with garbage blowing outside is inviting, and as members of the school, we have the choice to determine what can be done about it.

It is time to be accountable for our actions. At some point in our lives there is a good chance where you have seen someone or littered yourself. This is an action that we know is not right and is slowly damaging our planet.

Every day should be Earth Day, and making this planet a better place starts with our actions now.  It is up to us to determine what our campus looks like, and this is our time to make a difference.

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