Plant-based restaurants serve options for all

Greenhouse Kitchen- Greenhouse Kitchen on College Hill in Cedar Falls is a mainly plant-based restaurant with many options that fit into everyone’s diet no matter if they’re vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or would like to identify as a carnivore. With thousands of other healthy combinations besides their delicious foods on the menu, Greenhouse Kitchen lets their customer’s imaginations roam free and be creative with options from vegan cheese to avocado mayo. 

Although the prices aren’t as student-budget-friendly, the portions are big enough to keep a tummy full for half a day. This local restaurant is an amazing place to stop by for fast, fresh and healthy food. 

Emphasizing the importance on whole culinary foods, Greenhouse Kitchen also stresses the importance of recycling and composting. Having multiple clearly identified bins for different items to be thrown at, they also reduce the amount of garbage by using sporks instead of separate silverware. 

There are three different preferences for each item on the menu that’ll leave delightful tastes on your tongue: roll, bowl or salad, all seasoned with rich flavored sauces. Enjoy!

Freshii — Located right off the exit from Casey’s on Greenhill Road, Freshii awaits its customers with either its nice interior design and bottle of sriracha sauce on each table, or with smiley faces through the drive-thru. 

A budget-friendly, franchise restaurant with many locations outside of Cedar Falls, Freshii was started with the love of kale. “Eat and Energize” being their slogan, Freshii supports healthy food for healthy bodies. Although there aren’t many vegan options besides request, the aim is to include all the nutritions that are necessary for the human body. 

With 40+ different items on their menu, there are bits of tastes from around the world such as their enjoyable Mediterranean Bowl or their Khao San Burritos. Besides their main meals for breakfast and lunch, Freshii also includes many different types of soups, desserts, smoothies and juices. 

Although they advertise with their bio-degradable packaging and being a part of the “mission green,” and are located literally right next to a recycling center, it seems that there is only one trash bin to throw everything away, including plastic of many kinds. Maybe soon they will upgrade their green environmental participation to match their green taste-worthy combinations.

Ginger Thai — One of the few lit-up places after five in downtown Cedar Falls, no matter their food preferences, Ginger Thai Cuisine opens arms to all. Bringing the joy of Thai culture and food to a less diverse community, Ginger Thai warms up the hearts and mouths of the visitors with its unforgettable tastes.  

Constantly being full to its capacity because of a small dining area and endless clients, the menu includes many options from noodles to stir fries that can be made veg-friendly upon request by switching meat with tofu. 

This local restaurant pleases the atmosphere by placing plastic imitations of the menu in the bathroom, which is pretty common in restaurants in East Asia, to assist customers in making the decision easier. 

Although their portions got smaller lately, Ginger Thai Cuisine is a warm and friendly environment where it isn’t rare to come across someone you know, and it’s an amazing place to dine, especially when in search of trying new things.


Trumpet Blossom — Trumpet Blossom, one of the only sole vegan restaurants in the state of Iowa is located in Iowa City’s South Side Downtown District, and it welcomes everyone who is willing to try their vegan dishes that are packed with flavor. Sourcing as many local and fresh ingredients as possible, Trumpet Blossom also stresses sustainability by using no animal products in its menu. 

Besides using tasty seasonings and sauces to create miracles in one’s’ mouth, this cafe also seasons their customers’ soul and bodies by holding many events as well as hosting live music and giving platform to upstanding artists. 

With its medium budget options, Trumpet Blossom was named the best plant-based place to eat, many times. With its cloth napkins and environmentally friendly policies, this green cafe supports the ideology of “respecting your body and the land you live on” as well as “eating with a cause.” 

From cheesecakes to various dishes, Trumpet Blossom is a restaurant that focuses on the future to save the planet with its full bar and local-organic cuisine.


Oasis Falafel — Many vegan options line the menu from baba ganoush to vegetable kebabs as Oasis Falafel makes their visitors fall in love with the Mediterranean-Middle Eastern cuisine. Having been in the same place since 2004, when falafel was nowhere to be found, this restaurant has mastered the art of falafel and is definitely worth giving a shot. Oasis allows you to enjoy the spectacular Sultan’s Plate for a very little amount and, overall, is incredibly budget-friendly. Along with their heaping services of hummus, Oasis is a fan-favorite in Iowa City; so much that now it is possible to find their hummus and baba ganoush in surrounding grocery stores. This restaurant may not appear as the first place to walk into, but despite its old look, the freshness and beauty of food lies just a couple steps away as you walk in.



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