Dark thriller throws readers off with unpredictable plot

“Sharp Objects” is a novel written by Gillian Flynn (47), published in 2006. This book is listed in the thriller, mystery and suspense categories, and rightly so, because this story will leave you at the edge of your seat after every page. This is another story that has a sort of dark theme to it, including murder and self harm.

Flynn’s first published book out of three that have all been adapted for television or film was, in fact, “Sharp Objects.”“Dark Places” (2009) and “Gone Girl” (2012) are two other books that she has written, “Gone Girl” being the most recent.

“Sharp Objects,” while it starts out slow, with a few confusing moments with internal main character dialogue, it’s one twisted and wild ride. This story will throw you through a loop as you try to figure out who is innocent and who to accuse. Clues will be thrown around, but who knows what clue will lead you to the right person? 

The main character, Camille, seems strange to say the least, from the way she talks about her life to the way she acts when she’s first returning to her hometown: “For no good reason, I held my breath as I passed the sign welcoming me to Wind Gap, the way kids do when they drive by cemeteries.” 

The reader starts to learn about Camille, her life and people around her through the first person text, allowing the reader to see into the main character’s internal thoughts and opinions.

Once you tackle the slow start, you’ll soon to lose yourself within the lies, mystery and suspense of the story. With only 252 pages, “Sharp Objects” should be a quick read to entertain you for awhile.

Having a feeling of anxiety or anticipation throughout the whole story is to be expected as the whole thing is one question after another, and you’ll start to wonder when poor Camille will get a break.

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