Students frequenting city hot spots for studies

When it comes time to crack open the books, 77.6 percent of CFHS students said they seek out different locations offered around town, according to a recent survey of over 60 students.

“My favorite thing about studying in different environments is that I get to pick what best fits my needs,” Junior Hallie Frahm said. “If I’m writing papers, I like to be in coffee shops because the constant stimuli of the grinders and the smell of coffee keeps me focused. If I’m reading, I prefer to be in a quiet environment such as the cf library.”

Different establishments offer different environments for specialized needs. With 51.7percent of students seeking out coffee shops, the close knit atmosphere provides a safe place for productivity. “At coffee shops you can work on school related things but also socialize with people you are studying with,” Junior Chloe Rholf said.

For some, the social aspect draws more interest than solely the educational experience, as junior Jake Wiechers noted that he can study “anywhere as long as the right people are there.”

The perfect study spot looks different for an array of personalities. The draw for public interaction results in the ideal study spot for some, making libraries and businesses close to the outside world a go to spot. 

Previously homeschooled sophomore Nichole Tanner enjoys the ability to make connections with people she previously wasn’t able to socialize with. “It gets me out of the house and gives me some new scenery and atmosphere to be in. Being homeschooled in previous years definitely plays a role in my desire to be out and about because I was home a lot before this year.”

Businesses that provide solitude while keeping a comfortable climate draw students in and provide a studious atmosphere. “I need a comfortable place to sit, and it also would be great if it wasn’t near doors so that I can’t see people coming and going as much,” Tanner said. “I also like to have quiet because I usually can’t focus when there are tons of people talking.”

While over 81 percent of students opt to study at home, and others prefer libraries such as the Cedar Falls Public Library, Cedar Falls offers many options to study in pairs or alone.

“Kids come in here during study hall, and there are a few kids who study alone, but it is surprising that it is more group studying,” media specialist Kristie Anhalt said.

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