Artist of the Week: Lexie Williams: Junior using photo skills for fun, senior portraits

Junior Lexie Williams has been using a camera to capture breathtaking moments for as long as she can remember. Williams started to develop her photography skills in junior high and now photographs everything. She frequently has photoshoots on the weekends with friends and anyone who wants to join her. Williams not only takes photos for herself, but for the Cedar Falls Young Democrats Club and students interested in senior photos. 

To view Williams’ work, visit her Instagram at the handle of @photography_by.lexie. Those who are interested in senior photos or a photoshoot send her a direct message. 

When did you first start taking photos? I’ve kind of always taken photos, but I got a little more serious about it when I was in about seventh grade because I did it for an ELP project. 

How did you learn how to use a camera? I guess I just kind of knew how to use a camera. I don’t remember anyone teaching me. My grandparents would always take pictures of me when I was little, and I would always get those disposable cameras to take pictures with whenever we were on vacation. 

What is your favorite thing to photograph? I like taking pictures of people just because I feel like you learn a lot about the person, kind of like what makes them smile. 

Do you have a specific shot that you have taken that is your favorite? Whenever I do a new photo shoot, those shots are usually my favorite. 

What is your biggest accomplishment regarding photography? About two years ago, so not this state fair, but the one before that, I got two pictures in. One of them was honorable mention and the other was first place in the nature category. 

How would you describe your photo taking style? I feel like before it used to be a lot more candid. Yeah, but definitely, posed, portrait photography sort of stuff. I sometimes do still life or pictures of nature. 

Has your photography changed or evolved as you have gotten older and your personality may have changed? I feel like before they used to be just bad. In eighth grade in tech and art, we had to do this photography thing. We had to take pictures of portraits, and I remember I did the worst in that. I’m so bad at doing portraits. My sister was like, “Well, I guess I’m not letting you take my senior pictures because you’re awful at this,” and I was. It was like only pictures of their chin. I feel like now I know more about angles and different locations, so I try to utilize those techniques. 

Do you want to pursue a career in photography? I don’t know. I definitely want it to be a part of my life. I want it to be a side job at the least. I’m not totally sure if I want it to be my full time career because I know that that might not be totally doable. It would be what I would want. 

Is there anything that you won’t take a picture of or anything that you love photographing? I like taking pictures of nature or stuff that represents the season, like taking pictures of Christmas ornaments or snow and stuff over lights and leaves on the ground. I like taking pictures of that kind of stuff. 

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