Student nominated for Congress of Future Medical Leaders

For most, surprises mean birthdays or parties, but for junior Abigael Lyman, an unexpected envelope in her mailbox meant getting one step closer to her dream of working in the medical field. 

“I didn’t really know what it was. I just got a letter in the mail from doctor Mario Capecchi,” Lyman said.

Lyman was invited to attend a three day medical conference with other nominated students across the state of Iowa to learn more about the medical field and the dreams she hopes to achieve in her future. 

“It’s basically a three day conference thing where you go and learn about the medical field. We get to watch a live surgery and just meet a bunch of doctors who have won Nobel Prizes and stuff.” 

While Lyman was never told why she was nominated, her interest in her 10th grade biology class and her passion for anatomy and the workings of the human body might be a factor. 

“I’m pretty sure it was from a DNA essay last year in biology class. I did pretty good last semester. I got a 4.0, so I guess that probably helped because this summer I got a letter.”

Without knowing who nominated her, Lyman was left to asking her family and mentors, and while she may not have an answer, she knows someone was looking out for her and thought she would benefit from such a prestigious program. 

“I know you had to get some sort of recognition from a teacher or a parent, but I know my mom didn’t, and I asked my science teacher Mr. Mork (Logan Mork), and he didn’t either,” Lyman said. “I don’t know if someone actually nominated me. Last year when I wrote my essay, the teacher went through and corrected my paper and had me change it even though it wouldn’t change my grade and hinting that it might be sent in. I don’t know if one of the doctors there read my essay, liked it and saw my GPA and thought to invite who wrote it.”

Many opportunities hold many possibilities for Lyman, and the conference is just the beginning.

“I would probably like to go to Iowa. They have a good program.”

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