Two new characters find their way to Overwatch’s lore

Another day, another Overwatch character. At this year’s (2018) Blizzcon, Ashe, a cowboy-themed character with all new abilities not seen before in any other character, was revealed to us and is now a confirmed character coming to the game. This new villain is said to be the leader of the deadlock gang, is an obvious villain and is definitely going to shake up Overwatch’s gameplay.

When it comes to her background, Ashe was privileged. She was born to two rich CEO coaches and was never short on money, always able to get what she wanted when she wanted it. However, despite that, she joined Mccree in a few crime sprees and eventually they established Deadlock, a feared gang. 

Sometimes, things go bad. The Deadlock gang ended up breaking up (most likely when Mccree was recruited to Overwatch), and as a result, the crime duo became enemies. Ashe took things into her own hands and established a criminal brotherhood, her new crime partner being a large omnic named B.O.B (Big Omnic Butler/Bodyguard). 

During gameplay, B.O.B is interesting. He’s the first of his kind so far in Overwatch, labeled a “companion character.” While he’s not playable, he’s very much a part of Ashe’s gameplay, coming out when she uses her ultimate. 

When She uses her ult, B.O.B will jump out from behind her and charge in whatever direction she’s facing. The first character he hits is launched into the air while the nearby players are hit by the splash zone, where he’ll than stop and start shooting with a machine gun-type weapon from his hand at players. Characters launched into the air will have no air control, leaving them vulnerable to any enemy paying attention. Something that sticks out about this ultimate is the fact that B.O.B is treated as any other character, even though he’s not playable himself. He can be healed, buffed, nano boosted and should most likely be affected by orisa’s ultimate. Back to Ashe, her main weapon is called Viper, which is a lever-action rifle with two firing modes. It’s primary fire spits out fast bullets with less damage, while her alternate fire is slower, but focuses more on aim. Along with that, it also must be reloaded after each shot, but the recoil is much lower. 

When is comes to Ashe’s regular abilities, those are also something quite new that players are going to enjoy.

Her first ability is coach gun, which is a secondary sawed off shotgun-like weapon. It does a decent amount of damage, but its main focus is to create distance by knocking both Ashe and the target away from the blast. For reference, it’s sort of like Lucios sonic boom.

Her second ability is just dynamite, but it’s bound to be a blast to use. It does a lot of damage, the downside being it can take a few seconds to detonate. 

This can be bypassed, however, by shooting it, which will make it explode on contact. Sadly, but reasonably, that’s the last of her abilities.To see more about Ashe and her backstory, there is a video released by Blizzard called ‘Reunion” that explores more about this unique character. However, at the end of the video, an omnic predicted to be associated with Overwatch was revealed, Mccree telling it that Overwatch needs it more than they need him. Could this be the next Overwatch hero?

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