Warriors’ season running the ice, 13-0

Junior Kole Latusick leads the Warriors in assists and points this season. In this game at home, the Warriors beat the Des Moines Capitals 3-0.

The Waterloo Warriors hockey team is statistically the best hockey team in the state. They ride on an undefeated season with 13 wins, but with 18 games left the warriors have a lot of grinding away to attend to. 

The Warriors won the state tournament two seasons ago. This year they plan to mirror that team.

The league’s No. 1 team has a cluster of players on their lineup that lead them to winning games.

Their leader in assists and points, Kole Latusick is a Cedar Falls junior. This season Latusick has 17 goals, 24 assists, and 41 points. 

The Warriors leader in goals, Waterloo Columbus junior Ben Sinnott has 20 goals, 15 assists and 35 points.

Head coach Brian Cook is confident in his team that the warriors will make it further than any team in the league.

“We are doing quite well at the beginning of our season. We are 13 wins, no losses,  no overtime losses and one shoe dollar loss. We are leading the league in points. As a team, we need to continue to focus on working hard and not taking any team lightly throughout the season,” Cook said.

Although the Warriors lead the standings, the Quad City Blues are in a close 2nd with a record of 11-3 with a six game win streak. 

Warriors athlete, and Cedar Falls senior Cobie Morrissey is close with his team and said he loves the progress that the team has made with and without his contributions.

“The team is doing well. I feel that we can trust in our top line to score every night and our other lines to play good defense. Compared to last year, I think we are scoring more goals. Kole, Ben Sinnott, Carter Herbst, Ethan Fox, Brady Buckley and Chase Pabst in net is our first line, and they produce more than anyone in the league,” Morrissey said.

Cook has coached many championship bound teams in the past, but this team has a lot of young talent. Latusick and Sinnott will be returning next year. 

“As a coach, I need to keep the players motivated and focused in practice and in games as it is a very long season. The most special thing that has happened the season is that we remain undefeated, and I feel the players are having a really good time. To win another championship, we need to continue to get better throughout the year, focus intently in practice and in games, and do not overlook anyone” Cook said.

The team has been a great experience bonding wise for Morrissey. He also said he likes that the team puts in the maximum effort to be successful.

“The best experience I’ve had this season is starting the season on a big win streak like we did. I don’t know the last time I’ve been part of a team that’s won that many games in a row in a very long time, so that was cool,” Morrissey said.

Ultimately, the team needs to keep the strong icy bond in order to achieve another championship.

“The best experience I have had this year is beating the No. 2 team in the league behind us 2-0. and for us to win another championship, we need to work hard on and off the ice and play as a team, and nobody will stop us,” Sinnott said.

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