Ways to endure family, Weather these relatives during holidays

  1. The Politician

    With the holidays coming up just after midterms, politics are bound to come up when everyone is sitting around the dinner table. We’ve all been there. Uncle Dave starts to talk a little too much about immigration reform and everyone is uncomfortable. While it may be awkward, it’s a very easy fix. Smile and nod, and simply say you choose to keep your opinions to yourself. While it may seem easy, no one can argue with a courteous introvert.

  2. The Interviewer

    Family gatherings bring many questions about plans and career paths. While many of us still don’t know our next endeavor, and while that is very OK, family members make you feel bad about yourself very quickly. Save yourself the pain, and instead talk about recent things you’ve accomplished and let your mom gloat a little bit. Aunt Sharon will be happy and your parents get to take credit for you.

  3. The Drunk

    We all know that getting together with people we barely talk to can take a toll on our mental health, so many of the grown up family members take to having a glass or two. While most can keep it in check, Great-Aunt Maggie may get a little out of control. To keep from embarrassing stories coming into light, offer to fill her glass and switch her to apple juice. She won’t know the difference, and Grandma will approve of your manners.

  4. The Sticky Cousin

    Everyone gets put on cousin duty every now and again, and while most of the time it may be a breeze, many times one gets into the deserts and makes a mess. Don’t dirty your new clothes. Advert them with a movie and continue avoiding your relatives in peace.

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