School dance allows break from school stress

As the new year kicks off to a start, the high school is offering the second annual “Snowball dance” to students with no outstanding detentions or fines. This dance will be a perfect opportunity for students to connect with new and old friends and share a fun night that will offer an exuberant start to the second semester.

Although many of us are excited to see the semester come to an end, we still have to go through the dredigerous process of final exams. With two full days of just testing, including some exams over 100 questions, the result is a lot of stressed out students. 

This dance is the perfect opportunity to let go of that stress weighing you down and celebrate that fact that you did the best you could on those tests.

High school is a time of figuring out who you are, who you want to become and taking time to get to know your peers is an extremely crucial teenage experience. Step out of your comfort zone and talk to someone you might not have, or ask a friend to dance who you haven’t talked to in a while. 

A lot of students avoid dances because they think they’re too crowded, too loud and filled with people they see every day anyways. Take a chance to look at all the positives that a simple dance has to offer: a fun time with people who you can get to know in a different setting outside of school, a chance to dance and have fun and let loose before another semester kicks off. 

As much as some of us may hate to admit it, dressing up is a super fun change up from our normal school clothes. Go out shopping with your friends or take a trip to your siblings’ closets. Take some time out of your normal routine to look good and have a fun time with the people close to you. 

Students should also consider what else they could be doing instead of going to the dance. Spending another night with your favorite Netflix show may sound enticing, but most of us will eventually regret missing an event that you can never recreate. 

High school is a fleeting time that will be over before you even know it. Take advantage of the ability you have at this very moment to make memories with the most important people in your life who you see every day. Make the effort to go the snowball dance with some of your friends and count on a good time that you won’t forget.

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