Preparation key to survive finals

It’s that time of the year that every student dreads. Finals.

The name of the two-day test fest is very fitting: it can be the final chance to save a slipping grade or it can be what finally sends a grade tumbling. 

This causes immense amount of anxiety and stress to overtake many of us. Sometimes it seems as if there is no possible for us to pass one of our tests without failing the rest of them. 

In a study from the American Psychological Association, it was found that many teenagers these days have about the same amount of anxiety/stress as a mental patient. 

Many of us not so secretly wish that these tests were a thing of the past and that no one should have to suffer through memorizing what seems like thousands of terms and definitions; however, deep down, we all know these tests are actually benefiting our learning habits. They help to teach us things such as time management and good study habits. 

For many of us, we think that cramming is our best friend, but this is the opposite of what all of our teachers tell us. 

Cramming at the last minute just to forget everything right after the test defeats the purpose of finals.

We may not enjoy doing it, but studying and preparing is truly the best way to ace your finals. 

Even though this will be published after finals are over, the same good study habits work for practically any test you can take.

A tip for anyone who doesn’t know where to start is to talk to your teachers. They don’t want you to fail, they want you to succeed. More than likely they have materials prepared for review and would be happy to help.

If that doesn’t work, take to the Internet.

Apps like quizlet are our best friend. The times are evolving and our studying habits along with it.

Also there is a website called “The Learning Scientists,” and they have a six strategy program for studying that’s been scientifically proven to work.

Sometimes just reviewing notes taken in class can be beneficial.

The worst thing you could do is wait until the last minute to do all your studying. We’ve all been there, and we can all agree that it’s awful.

Although these tests seem never ending now, they are preparing us for college.

If we practice good studying habits now, we won’t be stuDYING later on.

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