FOR A CURE – Junior uses online presence for good cause

Over 200,000 kids are currently diagnosed with type one diabetes, and over 40,000 people are diagnosed every year. The percent of people diagnosed with type one is on the rise and has risen 21 percent since 2001. 

This rise has put pressure on the fight for a cure. Although there’s currently no cure for type one, the technology to improve the quality of life and ease of dealing with type one for those afflicted with the disease is rapidly advancing and will continue to grow with funds for research. 

Some recent improvements include a recent update for the Tandem T Slim with an automatic off so if the blood sugar goes too low it shuts off and there is also a new and improved continuous glucose monitor so finger-pricking can become a thing of the past. So fundraising for more of these improvements to make life easier for diabetics and a cure is crucial for type one diabetics and research. 

After junior Sami Zimmerman’s brother was diagnosed with type one diabetes, her family including Sami and her sister Skylar, attended fundraising events such as the JDRF walks every year, so they have experience with this foundation and helping fund research.

Sami and Skylar also attended craft fairs with their grandma where they made scrunchies. After this, they realized the popularity of scrunchies and decided to put their talents toward raising money for the JDRF.

 After Sami was diagnosed with type one last year, she had more reason to donate to the cause, and so Scrunchies For A Cure was born. Sami said, “Almost a year ago I was diagnosed with type one, so it’s always been in my life ‘cause my brother was diagnosed when he was six, and our family has always supported the JDRF every year, and we’ve raised money for that, and my friends and I would make scrunchies and other crafts to help raise money.”

They have so far raised around $500 for the foundation. They started an Instagram to help spread the word about their scrunchies and their cause. Sami said, “At the craft show, we didn’t really have the right crowd, so we decided to start an Instagram, and we just kinda blew up from there.” 

Sami, Skylar and their grandma hand-make the scrunchies with recycled and good quality fabric. Their scrunchies are nicely made and super cute. They sell for $3 a piece and $5 for two. 

Their Instagram is @Scrunchies_for_a_cure, where they will continue to raise money for this cause.

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