NBA trade deadline lives up to hype

This year’s NBA trade deadline lived up to hype this year with a total of 57 players being moved, the most in NBA history. Many teams made moves to put themselves in position for the playoffs, while other teams looked to start fresh or open up some cap space. Here are some of the biggest headlines from this year’s deadline.

Tobias Harris to the 76ers

The biggest trade of the deadline was the Clippers sending Tobias Harris to the 76ers for two first round picks, two second round picks, along with Wilson Chandler and Mike Muscala, while the 76ers also received Boban Marjanovic and Mike Scott. 

I think both teams won this trade, because they both got what they wanted. The 76ers got another key player to add to their already strong young roster, while the Clippers freed up enough space to sign two max contracts next offseason while acquiring future draft picks to further build their team. The Clippers will use their new cap space to try to sign some stars in the offseason such as Kawhi Leonard or Anthony Davis, while the 76ers are now gearing up for the playoffs with Harris, who is having the best year of his career with 21 points per game while shooting 43 percent from behind the 3 point line.

Anthony Davis Stays a Pelican

After declining multiple offers from the Lakers, the Pelicans will hold onto Davis until the end of the season when he becomes a free agent and looks to take his talents elsewhere. The Lakers tried to team Davis up with LeBron James to attempt a long playoff run, but even after offering up almost all of their young talent, they came up with nothing. 

I think both teams lost this transaction because both teams didn’t get what they wanted. The Lakers just don’t have enough to get them deep into the playoffs and the likes of Davis teamed up with James would have surely given them a shot. Now, they are stuck with James playing his heart out with a plethora of young talent that unfortunately doesn’t have enough experience to keep up. 

The Pelicans lost their chance of getting some valuable talent out of Davis and will now lose him to free agency this next offseason. With no true rising talent in New Orleans, I don’t think any major free agents will be looking to sign there, and I think it will be a rough next few years for the Pelicans.

Porzingis to Mavericks for Dennis Smith Jr.

The breakout rookie Luka Doncic is now teammates with Kristaps Porzingis after the Knicks traded away their cornerstone player in an attempt to sign two superstars this offseason with cap space for two max contracts. The Knicks also acquired Dennis Smith, Jr. who has the ability to be a star with more development, but their main focus will be pursuing stars like Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant this offseason. On the other side of the deal, the Mavericks want to team Doncic with Porzingis as long as possible as they look to build another Nowitzki-like team that won them a championship back in 2011. 

I think both teams got what they wanted, but I believe that the Mavericks won the trade because they will be able to build a dynasty off of this trade, while the Knicks will get a couple star players for a few years before they move on onto another team. If the Knicks can’t win a championship in those few years, then they lost the trade because they lost their franchise player. I think the Mavs made the safer trade, but the Knicks have a better opportunity to bring a championship to New York if they can reel in some big names this offseason.

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