Real Deal – Wacky winter proves need to address climate change

In January, Iowa was one of the many states that faced bitterly cold temperatures as a result of the polar vortex. Wind chills dropped below -30 degrees in many parts of the United States,  and storms left cars and driveways piled up with multiple inches of snow. At times, parts of Iowa were much colder than Antarctica. 

The polar vortex is basically a lot of strong winds over an area of very low pressure, which typically swirl around the North Pole and cause frigidly cold temperatures. When this band of winds becomes distorted, it often travels south and affects the United States. 

The jet stream that flows over North America is one of the best examples of how climate change has actually affected our environment. With warming temperatures, the jet stream’s current flow has begun to slow down, causing it to become wavier and less effective. 

When the polar vortex that is typically located in the North Pole, it gets caught up in this jet stream, and this helps to bring those freezing cold temperatures south into the United States. 

Another consequence of climate change that’s also connected to the polar vortex is sea loss in the arctic. Because of this, the vortex shifts and moves south into the Americas and Europe.

A common misconception about global warming is that everywhere is magically turned into a warmer climate. This is simply not true, and there are multiple examples spread throughout earth that prove otherwise. 

While Iowans are facing one of the coldest winters in the state’s history, people in Australia are facing record breaking high temperatures, changing their climate into a tropical wasteland with temperatures above 114 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Even President Trump has tweeted things like, “In coming days, expected to get even colder. People can’t last outside even for minutes. What the hell is going on with Global Warming? Please come back fast, we need you!”

Comments like these further discredit the actual tangible evidence that supports the cause to end climate change. The fact that multiple countries around the world are facing record breaking temperatures that range from hot to cold should be an immediate cause for worry.

Climate change is defined as “a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards …”. Climate change, or as it is more commonly known, “global warming,” does not mean everything magically becomes warmer.

These huge temperature swings that the world is facing is an ominous sign that should spring every single government on the planet into action. 

Climate change is a direct consequence of fossil fuels and emissions by several countries. In order to end climate change and ensure a safe future for the next generation, the government needs to regulate these factories and warehouses to reduce their carbon footprint. 

This issue is not trivial. Countries all over the world are experiencing the very real consequences that climate change has already invoked. Scientific evidence should be taken as seriously as the law because at this point it is essential to the survival of the human race.

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