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A study published in the American Psychological Association’s Journal of Personality and Social Psychology stated that the anxiety and stress levels of today’s teens are the same, if not more, as the insane asylum patients in the ’50s. Let that sink in … 

The system that is forced on students sucks the blood of liveliness and youth out of them, leaving them with constant negativity, tiredness and depression. 

Teens struggle to breathe, let alone investing some time into themselves around the age of which they need it the most; yet, they are still expected to do more and faced with unrealistic expectations. 

For the majority of the time, students even fail to get the advised amount of sleep and instead choose to stay up late at night with fears such as low grades or the shame of being unable to meet expectations. 

There needs to be more windows that allow students to breathe and appreciate the beauty of the things they aren’t yet aware of rather than being forced to peek through blinds that limit their sight.

However, it appears that this system won’t be leaving any time soon. Thus, students should take the matter into their own hands for their benefit and leave some room to invest time into themselves regarding self growth, confidence, appreciation and exploration.

Spending some “me time” is not the easiest thing for a high school student to do, although it is very important to do so. 

It may seem hard or complicated for one to spend some time alone, but it is really just a matter of relaxation and doing things teens enjoy alongside acknowledging appreciating themselves, especially as victims of an age where society constantly points out their “flaws.”

This date with one’s self does not need to be time consuming, expensive or perfect. It doesn’t need to be worthy of a post on social media. It doesn’t need to involve some sort of yoga, nor is there a need for bath bombs. 

This time can consist of books checked out from a public library or an old iPod full of stupid songs that makes one want to dance. It can be a walk in the park, or it can be as simple as counting to 30 with your fingers while your eyes are closed. It can be the crazy urging to yell out of the window or licking the left over batter. It can be conversations with your loved ones or complimenting yourself in front of the mirror. 

To make this process even easier and save you from the stress of deciding a song to listen to when you feel like staring at the ceiling and thinking for hours, or drawing, or anything you feel like doing at the moment, below I included a couple songs from some of my favorite artists I enjoy listening to when having some time to myself.

Try to empty your mind as much as possible and treat yourself in a way that makes you believe opens doors to knowing yourself. Test your boundaries, explore your likes and dislikes, and most importantly know that you are worthy of every single second that makes you feel special. 

Ella Mai – “Trip,” “Naked”

Charlotte Cardin – “California,” “The Kids,” “Double Shifts,” “Talk Talk,” “Big Boy,” “Go Flex” 

Jessie Reyez – “Gatekeeper,” “Dear Yessie,” “Saint Nobody,” “Figures,” “Body Count” 

Saba – “Calligraphy,” “Excited,” “Stay Right Here,” “Log Out” 

Daniel Caesar – “Japanese Denim,” “Get You,” “Take Me Away”

Frank Ocean – “Thinkin’ Bout You,” “Novacane,” “Bad Religion,” “Self Control”

Kehlani – “Money”

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