Our View | Beat the winter blues, Get ready for spring

1. Create a space that is yours. You are trapped in the house for awhile, so don’t be scared to work with what you have. Redecorate your room, clean up a messy space and create a subtle change to brighten your mood.

2. Plan out your day. While it may seem like you don’t have anything to do, creating a list and sticking to it will help you be more organized and feel more accomplished and productive after a long day inside

3. Donate old things. Looking at the same old stuff every day can be pretty tiring, so don’t be afraid to grab a can, empty out your closet or kitchen and take it down to your favorite thrift shop. You might find new things to brighten up your old place as well.

4. Catch up on your correspondence. While this may seem old and dated, it is a great way to catch up with busy people and to reach out to those you haven’t seen in awhile.

5. Try a new food or drink. The best way to get out of a slump is to introduce something new into your life. Kombucha is a great way to keep things exciting because of the many flavors it offers, and it is great for your digestion as well.

5. Start a new hobby or a project. Keeping yourself busy and accomplishing something or making a product is a great way to get ready for spring because it gives you something to look forward to or admire. Start by taking up needle point, getting plants ready for spring or creating a new outdoor decor.

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