Senior, others sending creations to Veridian art show

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Senior Harper Owen’s artwork is an outlet for her to express and explore herself.

“I have always had a love for art and every aspect it entails of, whether its drawing, painting, ceramics, lettering, photography, etc.  I have taken many art courses over the last few years and last semester I was in drawing 2 with Mrs. Klenske,” Owen said.

Owen’s scratchboard artwork will be on display inside the Waterloo Veridian Credit Union off of Ansborough, and she credits art teacher Lisa Klenske for that accomplishment. “They were assigned a scratchboard piece for the drawing 2 class. They got to use their own thing and what they wanted to draw, and she chose to do the stylized flowers, and it turned out pretty sweet,” Klenske said on the piece.

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Owen said, “[Klenske] always pushes my creativity and wants her students to succeed. She continued to give me projects that that challenge my brain to think in different ways, and that’s what enabled my piece to be in the art show.”

While the final piece will be hung on the wall of a local establishment, Owen did face some setbacks when constructing it.

“I have never worked with scratchboard before, so it was a huge learning process for me, but I ended up loving it. There was a lot of setbacks with layering different images because scratchboard is extremely difficult to draw on while also implementing dimension,” Owen said.

Owen pulled her inspiration from the world around her to create a piece she is proud of. “When I was given this scratchboard assignment, my immediate thought was to do something with nature because that is something that intrigues me. I decided to sketch out a bunch of different leaves and flowers and eventually put them on the scratchboard. I am super happy to be one of the students chosen to be in this art show, and I am proud of how this piece turned out.”

Owen plans on continuing her art education further to explore new medias and platforms as well.

“I definitely plan on doing some kind of career involving art in the future. There are so many various forms of art that I am interested in. In college, I am considering majoring in graphic design, marketing, fashion merchandising or photography.”

On top of that, Owen also runs and manages a handmade jewelry social media platform where she creates handmade pieces to sell, called @handmadebyharper.

“As long as I’m sketching and letting my creative juices flow, I will be happy.”

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