Artist finds inspiration from social media

Beecher’s painting above is inspired from a picture off of an Instagram. Beecher said she gets her inspiration from social media. The piece is posted in the high school near the nurses office.

Dylan Beecher began drawing in elementary before she recieved persuasion of art teachers to explore one’s creativity. Beecher finds her passion in painting portraits and people. Although Beecher doesn’t want to pursue art as a career, it will always be a hobby of hers. 

1. When did you start doing art? “Probably around really early elementary.” 

2. Did you start with school? “I just always liked to draw.” 

3. What’s your favorite type of art? “I kind of like to paint anything. I try to do realism, but I like painting abstract too. 

4. Is painting your favorite medium? “Yeah. I’m not as good drawing as I am painting.” 

5. Do you see any future with art? “Probably not, I probably will just do it as a hobby. But I don’t know, you can’t predict the future.” 

6. What’s your inspiration? “Whenever I draw I just finds something online that looks cool and that inspires me to start painting again. Or it’s just anything I see.” 

7. What art classes have you taken at the high school? “Painting l. First and last, sadly. “

8. Can you tell me about the painting above? “That was a picture I found on someone’s Instagram story, so I just painted it. I was like ‘I think that’s cool I am going to paint it.’” I kind of tweaked it a little bit for the project requirements. 

9. Who has been your artist role model? “Honestly any artist I see on any type of social media that just posts consistently, that just have a direct or certain style they always follow. I just think it’s really cool to see their art.”

10. Do you enjoy more structure based art or drawing and doodling? 

“Honestly, either. It depends on the situation. If it is a project, I will probably sketch it out and have a pretty good base. If I am just doodling, I just go for it, and it takes me somewhere. 

11. If someone asks you to draw their face, could you do that? “Well, I could probably draw someone’s face. but not as well as if I sat down and took my time with a photo. 

12. What’s your favorite thing to draw? “I like drawing portraits and people, just because that’s what I see most fof the time, so I find it interesting. 

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