Collection of poems delivers uplifting message to readers

Poem style book reminds readers healing is possible.

“Milk and Honey” is a collection of poems written and illustrated by author Rupi Kaur (26), published back in 2014.

This collection of poems is a powerful book telling of the many things love has to offer, both good and bad. 

“My heart woke me crying last night

How can i help I begged

My heart said

Write the book.”

Having four sections of poems meant for different occasions, this book has it all. From hurting to loving, from breaking to healing, each poem tells a story fit for each category, for each person who needs to hear them. 

Poems aren’t for everyone, for sure, but this collection reaches a part of my heart that I cannot fully describe. These poems go through and explain the full extent of longing, heartache, being broken and the process of healing from that breaking. 

Not only are the poems thoughtfully put together with the author playing with the blank space and creating a canvas with her words, but the illustrations on every other page allow the reader to see into the mind of the author to (almost) fully see into what she is trying to convey through her insightful poems. 

With 204 pages and over 204 different poems, this collection is both heart-achingly beautiful and gut-wrenchingly sad. Though throughout the obvious pain and suffering the poems describe, Kaur reminds the reader that they can heal from anything and grow stronger, learning from their lowest points to grow and thrive, becoming the best person they can be despite what life has thrown at them.      

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