Junior high women’s leadership hosts bonding night

Friday, April 26, marks an annual tradition for Peet Junior High’s women’s leadership group, LEAD or Loving Everything About Differences. Every year they host a LEAD movie night that is available to anyone in LEAD.

LEAD coordinator and Peet guidance counselor Rebecca Lins said, “LEAD movie night started two years ago as a fun way for our girls to bond and hang out outside of school. It was a student’s idea, and I thought, why not? It would be so much fun, and now it’s an annual event with its own traditions.”

The movie night follows up the seventh grade girls presentation that is held that Friday during the school day. This presentation is often filled with heavy discussions and allows the girls involved to be vulnerable and open up to one another. 

The movie night gives these girls an opportunity to reflect on those discussions and to have fun with their friends in LEAD.

The night starts by handing out sweets and baked goods and eating until the girls feel like they are going to burst. Then, they settle in to their pillows and blankets to watch the chosen movie. This year the movie is “High School Musical.”

Finally, to round out the night, the current ninth graders share why they joined women’s leadership and how it has affected their lives. 

Lins said, “It’s touching to hear their big takeaways and what they will take with them into high school. It also reminds me of the great legacy LEAD can have and how it will be a part of how these young women move forward as leaders, students and strong women overall.”

This night is also an opportunity for former members of LEAD to return and interact with the new generation of LEAD members. 

She said, “Starting last year, LEAD alums started coming back for movie night, and it was the best. I loved seeing these girls again and to think of them hanging out with the current seventh-ninth graders is so special. This year I anticipate more, and my motto is, Once in LEAD, always in LEAD.”

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