Sort your trash | Take advantage of new recycling bins

As you look around the high school, you may see something new in every hallway. 

All year long, the Environmental Awareness team (E.A.T) has been working on introducing a recycling program where students can recycle more that just their water bottles. The team wanted the Cedar Falls High School to help the environment by recycling everything they can that the student body throws away during the day. The team did this by adding a recycling bin near almost every trash can in the school, along with a poster to help guide students on what to throw away and what to recycle. 

Administration has recently stated that if the student body does not start keeping the campus clean and protecting the planet, we will lose our privileges, like power hour. Not only does recycling help the planet by reducing the amount of trash going into the landfill or potentially winding up in the ocean, but it proves to administration that the student body is responsible and respectful to more than just ourselves. 

You may think this is asking a lot of the student body to take one extra step before throwing yogurt parfait containers into the trash, but it is not. One more step is required, but this small step will improve the environment tremendously. 

Before throwing away your lunch or snack, check what you have, look at the signs above the trash and recycling bin and see what you need to throw away and what you can recycle. 

These small steps will not only show administration that we want to make a difference and care about our school and the environment, but will also improve the planet and how long we have left with it. 

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