Gallagher Bluedorn announces next season

New productions have been revealed the Gallagher-Bluedorn. 

Every year the Gallagher Bluedorn brings in big Broadway shows into little Cedar Falls. They’ve held shows such as “Rent,” “Once” and this year they brought in the smash hit “Kinky Boots.” 

Because this is an area that often gets unnoticed by touring shows, the Gallagher does its best to bring some in. These shows bring in the energy of Broadway into Cedar Falls, giving the people of Cedar Falls a taste of New York. 

This year they’re planning on bringing even more Broadway hits to Cedar Falls. They just recently released their 2019-2020 artist series which includes artists such as Tony Bennett, Billy Gardell, Gladys Knight and many others. The Gallagher is also bringing multiple Broadway shows such as “We Will Rock You the Musical,” The Minnesota Ballet, “Bandstand,” “The Office! A Musical Parody,” “Finding Neverland,” “Beautiful- The Carol King Musical” and “STOMP.”

After the premiere, most were excited for “Beautiful-The Carol King Musical” and for good reason. “Beautiful” was nominated for seven Tony awards including Best Musical, and the lead actress, Jessie Mueller, won best actress for her portrayal of Carol King.

The next musical everyone was excited for was “Bandstand.” “Bandstand” was nominated for three Tony awards and won best choreography.

The final musical everyone at the premiere was raving about is the new “Office” parody musical. This brand new musical just recently opened Off-Broadway, containing an all-new score and song titles paying homage to the original “Office.” And the original cast on the Off-Broadway will be part of the tour cast, so Cedar Falls will get to see some of the original cast.

Everyone was very excited for this year, and hopefully there’s more to come next year.

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