New enrichment gives students outlet for creativity

Peet student leader Abigail Brodhead has added a student offbeat teaching a game to the options for enrichment this May. She teaches and plays Dungeons and Dragons with fellow students. 

Brodhead helps students make characters and embark on fantasy adventures. “To teach newcomers, [I use] notes that I write down, and I want to start using models and objects to show them.”

Dungeons and Dragons is a dice tabletop game with lots of role playing from the players as they play different characters such as wizards, thieves, rangers and clerics. Creativity is practically a must when it comes to playing. 

Broadhead tries to give freedom to the players, “I really want to get people involved and get them to know each other better. I also want to let everyone be creative with designing certain things. Since Dungeons and Dragons is about being creative and thinking outside of the box, it would be fitting to let people.”

With the enrichment just starting out, Brodhead already has some plans for what she wants to do. “I want to get to making characters for playing D&D and learning how to be a Game Master/Dungeon Master,” Brodhead said. Dungeon Masters dream up the quests filled with monsters, mazes and treasure for the players to explore.

“I was really inspired by my siblings and by a podcast,” Brodhead said. “My siblings at home love to play Dungeons and Dragons, and I was really curious about what they were doing. The whole idea I thought would be really fun and something different from the normal ‘leadership, yay!’ Tiger time enrichments.” 

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