We See You

The Out of the Darkness event at UNI on April 14 raised mental health awareness.

You got dark days? 

me  too. 

You get brain fog? 

me too. 

You see the world in different ways? 

me too. 

You want to lay in bed all day like an ant on a log? 

me too. 

You think the world is against you? 

me too. 

You think you’re stuck in a hole? 

me too. 

You feel like your insides are always an ugly shade of blue? 

me too.

You sometimes feel like your life is heading nowhere, you’re just waiting for the next roll? 

me too. 

You feel like your body/mind is your enemy? 

me too. 

You still feel alone? 


Good, you’re not. 

One in five people suffer with a mental illness. Look around, people care, we see you. 

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