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I love pie. (In my opinion it’s better than cake.). I also love to crochet, and Thanksgiving is coming up, so why not crochet a mini amigurumi pumpkin pie?

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting/knitting stuffed creatures and plushies. This pie can be used as decoration, keychains and play food for children. 

Plush Dimensions: 

Height: about 1 inch

Pie diameter: about 4.5 inches

Pie tin diameter: about 2.5 inches

Filing diameter: about 3.5 inches

Crust diameter: about 6 inches

Whipped cream diameter: about 1 inch

Things I used:

3.5 mm Crochet Hook

Light Tan Yarn for Crust

Orange Yarn for Filling

White Yarn for Whipped Cream


Stitch Marker (I used a bobby pin.)

Yarn Needle

Aluminum Foil

Small Round Container (I used a small measuring cup.)

Thin Cardboard


Hot Glue Gun

Writing Utensil


CH (Chain)

ST (Stitch)

SC (Single Crochet)

SC INC (Single Crochet Increase)

DC (Double Crochet)

BLO (Back Loop Only)

SS (Slip Stitch)



R1: 6 sc in magic ring

R2: 6 sc inc around

R3: 1 sc inc, sc repeat around

R4: 1 sc inc, 2 sc repeat around

R5: 1 sc inc, 3 sc repeat around

R6: 1 sc inc, 4 sc repeat around

R7: in blo, sc around

R8: sc around

R9: 3 dc in 1 st, sc, repeat around, join and fasten off.

Pumpkin Filling:

R1: 6 sc in magic ring

R2: 6 sc inc around

R3: 1 sc inc, 1 sc, repeat around

R4: 1 sc inc, 2 sc, repeat around

R5: 1 sc inc, 3 sc, repeat around

R6: 1 sc inc, 4 sc, repeat around

R7: 1 sc inc, 5 sc, repeat around

R8: 1 sc inc, 6 sc, repeat around

R9: 1 sc inc, 7 sc repeat around, join to first stitch and fasten off.

Whipped Cream 

(For Pumpkin Pies):

R1: 12 sc in magic ring

R2: sc around, join and fasten off.

Pie Assembly

Pie Tin: Take a long piece of aluminum foil and fold it into thirds. Then mold the square of foil to the bottom of the container. Trim off the excess foil and fold the edges of the foil over to make the “lip” of the pie tin. Take your thin cardboard and trace around the bottom of your container and cut out the circle. Hot glue the cardboard into the bottom of the tin and around the perimeter where the cardboard meets the foil. This will provide some support and keep your pie tin from getting crushed.

Pie Crust: Place it in the tin. If measured properly to the small dish, it should fit. Hot glue the crust to the tin. 

Filling: Place stuffing in the crust and place the filling over the top. Sew the edges of the filling to the circumference of the crust with the same color yarn as the crust.

Whipped Cream: Sew the whipped cream to the center of the filling. 


I crocheted in continuous rounds, which means at the end of my round, I didn’t join and put the stitch marker on my first stitch of the next round.


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