Online star releases new makeup palette

Social media influencer, Jeffrey Star releases new makeup palette.

“I’m seeing 90 percent everyone is dying, gagging and living, and I’m seeing 10 percent {saying} ‘Jeffree, we wanted a few more purples in the palette.’ I fully get what a lot of you are saying,” Jeffree Star, owner and founder of Jeffree Star Cosmetics, said in response to his fans reaction to the newest eye shadow palette, Blood Lust.

This palette is the third in the Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood series. The first two, Red and Blue, adhered to a strict color code, while this purple palette is less strict, with some of the colors showing up as underwhelming rather than the dramatic colors expected from a Jeffree Star product.

With 18 colors available in a hexagon palette, many fans noted that there seemed to be three lavender shades and no real purples. The packaging is advertised as a step above the already extravagant packing Jeffree Star Cosmetics is known to deliver. Fans are speculating that this step up could be a way for Star to cover the fact that the palette itself is not up to his usual high standards.

Star continues to defend the palette saying, “And I think maybe the photography is translating a little light on a few shades, but when you see them all in person and you touch them, and the shifts and the metallic and the lavenders … it’s everything I dreamed of.” 

Even as some fans are critical of the palette, others are dying to get their hands on it.

As I review the colors on the palette, I am disappointed in its execution. There are reds, greens and golds included in the palette that was intended to have a purple theme. Other than the purple packaging, I only see two of the eye shadows that really look purple.

In the Jeffree Star Cosmetics world, this deviation from his normal bold and colorful style makes you wonder what is next. So far 2020 has been an eventful year for Star as he canceled a tour and ended a five-year relationship. With the year just beginning, it’s hard to get a good grasp of what will happen next for the famous entrepreneur.

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