Makeup brands offering variety of new product for 2023

As we have entered 2023, many makeup brands have come out with new makeup products to start the year. This includes new highlighters, new eyeshadow palettes, contour, etc. Here are some of the new products that have been released and have been reviewed by many influencers. 

ColourPop Winx Club Collection

Retails: $125

 This collection has everyone’s childhood in a chokehold. The bright colored and pastel colors that are in this new collection have caught the eyes of many people.  In this collection, there is one eyeshadow palette, six lip glosses, three highlighters, one glitter compact and lastly crystal jewels. This is an amazing collection that brings everyone’s childhood memories back. It gives you that full fairy Winx club fantasy. 

Charlotte Tilbury: Hollywood Glow Glide Face Architect Highlighter Sunset Glow

Retails: $48

This highlighter just came out this 2023 season, and as many weddings are approaching, many people are looking for a nice glow on their cheeks and noses. This product has had many reviews from many people. Some people have liked the product, others are not so good.  This highlighter gives you that nice and glowy subtle look on your skin. It is on the higher end but it has more good reviews than bad reviews. 

Tarte: Sculpt Tape Contour 

Retails: $35

Tarte has been a hit in the makeup industry. They have been following trends and making products that they know everyone will buy. This contour has the same applicator as the Charlotte Tilbury contour stick. There are many good reviews for this product, and it has a creamy and subtle application. It gives everyone that naturally contoured face look that everyone goes for.  This does retail for $35—kinda expensive but affordable. 

Makeup By Mario: SurrealSkin Foundation

Retails: $42

This foundation was released by Makeup by Mario, who is Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist. This foundation has gotten many reviews both good and bad. Some of the not-good reviews were that this foundation doesn’t go well with oily skin, so that was one downside.  Some of the good reviews were that it lasted all day and it looked very flawless on people’s skin. 

Although there haven’t been that many products released this year,  we cannot wait for what the future holds for these companies and to see what makeup products they come out with this year.

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