‘Toy Story 3’ sees fan-made live-action interpretation

Disney has made quite a few live-action movies in the past few years from “Cinderella” to the upcoming “Little Mermaid,” but nothing could ever compare to this fan-made “Toy Story 3” full-length live-action movie. 

Yes, that’s right, fan-made. Uploaded on YouTube on Jan. 25, this live-action remake has already hit over 103k likes and 2,630,484 views that are increasing by the day. “Toy Story 3 In Real Life | Full-length Fan Film” as it is labeled on YouTube, was created by two brothers, Morgan and Mason McGrew. Production of said movie has taken them nearly eight years due to the rigorous process of stop-animation.

That said, the accuracy from the movements of the characters all the way down to the close details of the film are impressive indeed. Though unlike the original Pixar movie, this fan-adaption was unable to pull off the usual mouthing of the words traditional animation is normally used to be doing. Despite this fact, the film is quite enjoyable to watch and a great inspiration to future animators and creators alike.

The McGrew brothers have been given direct permission from Walt Disney Records to use the entire audio and music from the original film and incorporate it into their own. “For about a month, our fan film, ‘Toy Story 3 In Real Life,’ has been complete. Now that we have the OK from Disney, you’re now able to view the film. Thank you for your ongoing support and enjoy!” 

They have since uploaded their movie for all to view on their YouTube account named “Toy Story 3 IRL.”

The brothers have dedicated their film to their late “Buster,” who is the dog staring in “Toy Story 3 In Real Life.” 

One may follow the process of the project and the brother’s future projects on their Facebook page “Toy Story 3 In Real Life Project.”

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