Pop artists release Valentine’s Day tunes for everyone

With new music from Niall Horan, Justin Bieber and Khalid, no need to look any further. These male pop vocalists have all recently released the perfect songs for your Valentine’s Day playlist. Each of these songs preach self-love and being one’s unfiltered self, which is a message everyone needs to hear this time of year when love is in the air.

Seeming to be the most perfect Valentine’s Day anthem, Justin Bieber and Quavo collabed to create this song about spoiling the ladies in their lives. Admiring their girls’ features, natural beauty and charming personalities, Bieber and Quavo flatter listeners with this fun and upbeat love song.

This collab by Khalid and Disclosure promotes healthy relationships and doing what’s best for you. This song proves that Valentine’s Day is about more than romantic love; it’s about loving yourself and finding complacency in waiting for the right person.

In this calm and mellow, guitar-driven song, Niall Horan discusses that kind of “old-married-couple” love many search for. Horan expresses that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a big production. Instead, it can be about staying in, wearing sweatpants and just being your unapologetic self.

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