New Wattpad story sure to surprise readers

“I’m a Gay Wizard” is the last addition to the new “Wattpad Orginal Six” collection, written by the Latinx, gay, nonbinary author, V.S. Santoni. This story was published recently in October of 2019. It is rightfully listed in the fantasy fiction category.

If the title didn’t give anything away, one is in for a surprise, for only haunting spells and creatures of darkness await.

“Alison would’ve killed me if she’d known I was daydreaming about fast food while we were trying to cast a spell… Alison gasped. I cracked open an eye. Then I gasped too. The piece of paper was floating in the air right in front of us, dangling like it was being held up by invisible fishing line.” Though comedy is common as well.

The story begins with the main characters Johnny and Alison as they attempt to conjure up a powerful spell to get back at a group of ruthless bullies, opening wonderous doors that could greatly improve their lives forever. Little do they know, their attempt at true magic opens more doors than they might have wanted, even a door holding their fate at the hands of an elite magic school: Marduk Institute.

As classes are called into session and the main characters meet many friends and foes alike, slowly, the secrets of this institute of magic begin to make their way into the light. With a budding romance and blooming spells, death-defying stunts and magic-grade bullies, will Johnny be able to handle the pressure? Or will the secrets of Marduk Institute drown him in their dark depths? Only one way to find out.

“I’m a Gay Wizard” is a truly magical tale of friendship, romance and, of course, unicorns. It will enchant and ignite readers’ imaginations as one soon comes to find that anything is possible even in wizard standards.

This story is available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Wattpad. The original version of this story (the unedited version) is available for a free insight on V.S. Santoni’s Wattpad page. 

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