Holmes students prefer chocolate for VDay

In a recent Valentine’s Day survey 60 students on Schoology, the top five favorite candies for this season is a Box of Chocolates with 29.4 percent, Ghirardelli gift box with 14.7 percent, Hershey’s Kisses with 13.2 percent, conversation hearts with 7.4 percent, and candy necklaces with 5.9 percent. 

Benjamin Hirdler, the secretary for the Holmes Junior High counselors, said that he likes conversation hearts and Bueno Bars but likes the conversation hearts the best. “First of all, you only get them around Valentine’s Day and it is fun to see what they say. I like the grape flavor the best because I have always liked grapes. Grapes are the best flavor out of all the flavors there are.” 

Hirdler said he loves having quality time with his significant other. “It’s my love language, and I like spending time with the people I care about.”

Freshman Maya Smith said that she likes Hershey’s Kisses the best. “Hershey’s Kisses are like a staple for Valentine’s Day. I like the cherry kind the best. I was always sick when I was younger, so I got used to it.” Smith said that she prefers to have something small and handmade. “It is more thoughtful than candy or something store bought.”

Junior Abby Forysth said that she likes a box of chocolates and truffles, but likes the box of chocolates the best. “I guess I just like chocolate more than fruity candies. I like caramel chocolates the best. I just like the creaminess.” Forysth said that she likes flowers from her significant other. “I like pretty things, I guess, and they are pretty. They smell nice and they may not last long, but they last long enough to treasure.”

Eighth grader Mattea Sink likes boxes of chocolates and sour candies but likes the box of chocolates better. “I think it will give more variety. It’s better than one type of candy. The white chocolate is the best flavor. I think it’s sweeter than most chocolates; it’s different than milk chocolate or dark.” Sink said that they prefer to get flowers or something else meaningful like an inside joke from her significant other. “It is like fun and a gift.”

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