UNO group gathers for fun during Peet Tiger Time

At Peet Junior High, students enjoy spending tiger time having fun with their friends, so math teacher Melissa Stuber gives students a fun part in their day by allowing students to come into her Tiger Time room and play UNO with their friends every day. 

“My tiger time students have been playing UNO since the beginning of the school year.  It’s been almost a daily activity and about half of my Tiger Time students participate in it,”  so she decided to make an enrichment for students from other Tiger Time rooms to join in every Monday in February. 

“Since it has been a success I may continue to have it as an enrichment for March too.” 

Stuber has “around seven students that consistently play on a daily basis” but on Mondays she said “as an enrichment I probably get around 10 students.” 

One of those students, Acacia (Ace) Fauser, said, “I feel like being able to play UNO during Tiger Time was an amazing (and needed) break for the school day. It caused a bunch of memories and tons of laughs. Friendships grew and so did rivalries with other players. Overall, it was amazing.”

Stuber’s group of regular players recently started playing “spicy UNO,” which is more fast paced and entertaining. Stuber said, “The only time I have had to intervene is when it gets too loud and I have other students in the room who are using Tiger Time as a study hall or who are in getting help or finishing up assessments for math. This is a rare occasion, but students are really good about adjusting their noise level to be considerate of others.” 

Stuber said the games are a nice break from typical Tiger Time in their classrooms. “Overall, I have enjoyed having the students play UNO in here. It is refreshing to see students interacting with one another, and they get along so well together.”

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