Fall provides options for COVID friendly activities

Fall is a super popular season to get out and do a lot of fall things. But a lot of those fall activities we aren’t able to do during covid or it is a lot harder to do. 

One thing that still gives you all the fall vibes but is a little bit easier to do during covid is a nature walk. You can dress up in a fall outfit and wherever you’re walking you can see all of the leaves changing colors, maybe even take some fun pictures out in nature. But you can still maintain social distancing and you’re not required to wear a mask so you’re still being as safe as you can while still having all the fall fun. One great place to go in Cedar Falls is Prairie Lakes Park, there’s a paved walkway around a lake with exercise stations dotted at different places along the path, you really can do whatever you would like there, you can go on a run, a leisurely walk with your dog, or go work out at the exercise stations. https://www.cedarfalls.com/206/Prairie-Lakes-Park

Other fall classics are going to pumpkin patches and apple orchards, though it’s harder to go about doing both of these things during covid there are still places accessible. Both of these things are already classics but going during covid is even more of a treat. As long as you’re wearing a mask and following each place’s rules and guidelines then you can still stay safe while still having the regular fall fun you normally get every year. One place is Allen’s Orchard in Marion Iowa. Sadly the picking there is not available because the storm in August took out about 800 of their trees and a lot of their crop. But even though picking isn’t available, you’re still able to go inside their store and browse everything they have there. You’re also able to order Front Porch Pick up if you’re not able to go inside the store. http://www.allensorchard.com/

Another fun option is cooking/baking. Food can definitely have a season or a time when you eat it so I definitely think that things like pumpkin pie, apple pie, pumpkin bread, zucchini bread etc. give off fall vibes. Things like baking and cooking are super great options during these times because you still get to embrace fall in all of it’s deliciousness while still being safe and cautious by staying in your house https://www.southernliving.com/desserts/best-fall-baking-recipes

A definite classic is Halloween. A lot of the normal activities like trick or treating for example aren’t as easy to go about or aren’t happening at all. But some other Halloween things to do during these times could be carving pumpkins, make Halloween themed cookies, make caramel apples, go to a corn maze. All of those activities help keep you a little bit safer by social distancing and being cautious around other people. But while still keeping you safe these activities are still a lot of fun.


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